How to start ?

It is necessary to go through several points for registration before car-sharing our vehicles.

                  1. Step

The first step is to start the registration process on our stations here. You can make registration online, but you must have electronically verified signature here.

2. Step

The second step is the installation of the Xmarton app, which is available for free here. →→→

With Xmarton app you are able to unlock and to start the car,keep the track of your mileage as well as consumption of the vehicle without the necessity of having the key of the vehicle.It is not possible to use our vehicles without the Xmarton app.

3. Step

Selection of the vehicle on map and make payment.

4. Step

If you follow previous steps properly,you will recieve an e-mail with payment confirmation and your Log-in information for the Xmarton app, with which you are able to unlock and start the vehicle without having the key of the vehicle.

5. Step

Sign in to your new Xmarton app,connect your app with the vehicle via Bluetooth and your rent is ready to go!

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Xmarton- instructions

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